The most efficient mini dumper in the world

Twinca Dumper ES-800 has scissor lift and high lift. This means that you can work more efficiently and save time as well as money. You can e.g. fill a container or a truck bed from all sides and avoid spillage.

Benefits ES-800

- Electrically powered
- Load capacity up to 800 kilo
- Scissor lift
- Auto steering
- Do not pollute
- Perfect ergonomics
- High quality
- Stability
- Easy to operate


The truck bed is made in Hardox steel, which means that no matter what you load the mini dumper with, the truck bed will keep its shape.

We only use high strength steel to ensure a wear resistant and durable frame and truck bed. All engines are suspended on rubber mountings in order to reduce vibrations. 

Twinca Dumper ES-800 have parking breaks as standard equipment and safety devices.

Easy charging

The Twinca Dumper ES-800 has built-in the power in the chassis, which makes the machine easy to charge.

The mini dumper has a charging time of 6 hours and the batteries have a long life (800-1000 recharges).