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Mission, vision and values

Twinca's values determine the established principles on the way to realize Twinca's objectives. This is expressed in our decision-making and in the approach to the daily work. Twinca's mission is fundamental to everything we do in our work. The journey on this mission is built upon the values and strengths that reflect who we are, what we want and how we want to make a difference on the market and to our customers.

To be acknowledged for making a difference in the development and production of minidumpers and furthermore contribute to an improvement and positive development of the general working environment.    

To become the market leaders in the industry internationally. 

Working Environment <--> Environment:  
At Twinca A/S we construct our machines with the mission of improving the general working environment of our customer base. We wish to care for your employees and decrease the risk of work-related injuries, while still taking responsibility for contributing to a decreasing development of polluting emissions and a greener environment.    



Quality and Innovation as The Prerequisites of Value Creation  


At Twinca A/S, innovation stands for inventing, designing and developing new technologies and initiatives which can set new standards within the market of minidumpers, and strengthen the customers’ preferences for Twinca’s machines. 
We strive to continuously develop and improve our machines and the technology that lays the foundation for their functioning. By doing so, we ensure that our machines become the best options available to our customers on the market in terms of quality, safety and user-friendliness. Along with this, we wish to ensure a maximum focus on ergonomy for the operator as well as fostering the ability of adjusting the machines to fit the exact needs of the customer.    


Quality can be interpreted in many ways. At Twinca A/S, quality is an ability which brings value to the customer in a variety of areas.  
First and foremost, the vision is to produce and sell minidumpers consisting of quality materials, which satisfies and supports the customer by ensuring efficient, easy and safe working processes. In addition, it is very important that we constantly work dedicated towards developing and supplying minidumpers with low maintenance expenses and long life-spans, which can sustain their functions even with very high workloads. 
The quality behind Twinca’s machines is reflected in both the use of deliberately chosen quality-components and our experts’ thorough assembling-process. Our experts are educated to provide and ensure solid craftsmanship of the highest quality. Therefore, all our machines are assembled by hand, and consist of deliberately chosen high-quality parts from all over the world. Likewise, our machine-experts quality-test every single machine before delivery, in order to secure and maintain our high standards.   

Twinca improves the general working environment by placing large emphasis on: Ergonomy, user-friendliness, safety and stability. 

Ergonomy - In order to create the best possible working position for the operator, with the purpose of minimizing physical exhaustion, injuries and attrition.       

User friendly - Must be easily usable for everyone, independent of height, gender and strength.  

Safety and stability. 

When purchasing one of Twinca’s electricity driven minidumpers, you will get sustainable value for your money. Twinca’s electric models are developed with a focus on innovative design and sustainability, which supports your CSR politics. The electricity driven models are designed with the purpose of reducing polluting emissions and are powered by a maintenance free battery, which contributes to the machine’s effectiveness and environmental friendliness.