Product Overview

Electrically powered models

Gasoline models

Twinca Dumper wheels

Hot wire Styrofoam cutter

All of our mini dumper are produced in the highest quality with low maintenance and ergonomic design.

Twinca Dumper develops, manufactures and sells both electrically and gasoline powered mini dumper. Twinca mini dumper has a unique steering gear and is therefore much easier to operate than any other mini dumper on the market.

At Twinca Dumper we have made a deliberate choice of quality ­components (including engines, ­variable pumps, hydraulic components, wires etc.) in order to guarantee a reliable, high-quality mini dumper. We use ­high-strength steel to ensure a wear-resistant and durable frame and truck bed, which reduces the net weight considerably.

We quality-test every ­single machine prior to delivery.

Twinca mini dumper is suitable for landscaping, paving, contracting, agriculture, cemeteries,
public works departments, renovation and rental businesses.