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Product Overview

Twinca’s product catalogue consists of a wide assortment of both larger and smaller models. Our wide range of products ensure that we are able to provide solutions for all kinds of work. Whether it’s about performing work in tight and difficult spaces, or larger construction sites with the need for a machine with a larger loading capacity, Twinca got the solution that meets your requirements. 

Electrical Models

Gasoline Models

Other Twinca Products

Twinca improves the general working environment by focusing on; Ergonomy, user-friendliness, safety and stability. Our high standards within these areas are among the reasons why Twinca’s minidumpers are distributed internationally.  
With Twinca’s minidumpers, you will get a safe machine, which is easy to use. Most importantly, however, our minidumpers distinguish themselves from the rest of the minidumpers available on the market, through their ability to enhance efficiency and simplify your day-to-day working processes.