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In 1991, the twins, Klaus Strøm Kristensen and Mads Strøm Kristensen took the first groundbreaking steps as to this day is the underlying foundation for Twinca A/S. Their parents' former enterprise as minkfarmers with their own minkfarm, had given the know-how about the mink industry and an increased knowledge regarding the shortage of tools that was missing at that time – Here they saw a gap in the market which could revolutionize and enhance efficiency in the way of mink-farming. 

Already back then a general characteristic/key feature for Twinca was an innovative eye with the desire to create and confect new technology and initiatives which should enhance the efficiency of the work in the mink industry, which in the early 90s primarily consisted of hard, manually work. 

From the foundation of the company in 1991 and the first years to come, Twinca had to find its foothold in the market, and hereby evolve and build up their stand and image. In the turn of the millennium with modern technology and software exploitation e.g. 3D drawing program, resulted in a new groundbreaking and trend-setting concept in the shape of the “Mixer” that was presented to the mink-farmers in 2002.

With the presentation of the groundbreaking “mixer”, Twinca had set the bar for many years to come, and even to this day it shapes the foundation of the many mink machines that is seen today.


The year of 2015 – “Twinca Dumper sees the light of day”. 

In 2015, Twinca bought and acquired the dumper company, West-Technic, and hereby expanded Twinca with a new division in terms of Twinca Dumper – Something that was a completely new business aspect for Twinca.

In the same way as the feed carts in the mink-division, Twinca wanted to revolutionize and improve the conditions for the operators in the construction industry, and hereby create products that would match the operators different requirements and conditions. As the feeding carts advent and substitution for the hard manually labor, Twincas dumper division wanted to strive for enhancing the efficiency of the minidumper industry with the purpose of creating a dumper that could be used no matter gender and unrestricted of physic, height and weight.


Same approach and focus in Twinca Dumper as Twinca Mink in terms of wanting to improve work environment by utilizing high-technology. 

The first years were about increasing the know-how concerning the industry itself, and hereby taking the decision to engage 100% in the project. If Twinca should become a success, it was necessary to be innovative and find new solutions by thinking differently. From a national perspective, Twinca was a trend-setter in their approach to design and development by applying new forms of technology and software. 

Therefore, it was evident with Twinca Dumper to take the chance with new technology and implementing It into the company.

“As a whole, a minidumper is very low-practical technology, but the electrical part is definitely not. The electrical part is actually very high-tech, and in this area Twinca was again first-mover”. – CEO Klaus Stroem Kristensen.  

In the period from 2015-2019, the focus circled around redesigning the whole Twinca Dumper product assortment.

“An acquired product takes time and some years to optimize, because at first you have to learn and know the machinery with the purpose of being able to further development, to as now being able to design and launch completely new models and series of minidumpers. It is a process of finding the right quality components, including outsourcing the market for suppliers”. - CEO Klaus Stroem Kristensen 

In 2016 with the first efficient electrical minidumper, Twinca Dumper became a pioneer on the market of minidumpers. A big milestone in the relatively short history of Twinca Dumper as this was the first step towards gaining foothold in the market. An increased knowledge to Twinca Dumpers and their product assortment led the company to become a global distributor of minidumpers in 2019-2020.  

In 2020, the latest member of the family-tree in the family-driven company, Jesper Strøm Kristensen, son of Klaus Strøm Kristensen, presented and launched the new design and new series, which brings the dumper-division to a whole new level with the same high focus on work environment from an ergonomically respect and perspective.