Gasoline models

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Twinca Dumper G-800

Twinca Dumper G-800 is a classic mini dumper including the newest technique, which matches the demands of the time for functionality, safety and work environment.

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Twinca Dumper GS-800

Twinca Dumper GS-800 has a scissor lift and high lift. This means that you can work more efficiently and save time as well as money. E.g. you can fill a container or a truck bed from all sides and avoid spillage.

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Twinca mini dumper save your company both time and money, as it makes operating with heavy loads easier and more rational.

By using Twinca Dumper your employees will ­experience a much easier day at work.

Your employees will avoid hard physical strain, when handling heavy loads.

The risk of sick days and physical ­disabilities is significantly smaller.

We always listen to our customers’ needs and develop new machines that meet the current requirements regarding functionality, safety and working conditions.

Focus on safety 

Twinca mini dumper is designed in accordance with the highest safety standards. All Twinca mini dumper have parking brakes as standard equipment and safety ­devices. The direction  will reversed by activation of the safety device. In this way, the operator avoids getting hurt, if he should be trapped between the machine and e.g. a wall.