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  Twinca Dumper E-800

    • With Twinca’s E-800 model you will get a 100% electrical powered minidumper with a loading-capacity of 800 kg, which is ideal for larger construction site tasks such as e.g. demolition. 

    • With a height of 985 mm, the E-800 has a very comfortable loading-height.  

    • The skip is equipped with tilt and has an unloading height of 720 mm.  

    • The softer wheels, Twinca’s wheel-attachment and auto-steering mechanism all help ensure the minidumper’s ability to drive in terrain without any difficulties even in sharp cornering of soft structures.  

    • A fully charged battery can run the machine throughout a full working day and can be recharged within 5-6 hours.  

    • The machines’ auto-steering mechanism reduces the need for physical manpower to a minimum level, even when the minidumper is heavily loaded.  

    • The steering mechanism can be moved and adjusted in accordance with the height of the operator. This helps secure that the operator has the optimal ergonomic working position and reduces the physical workload.  

    • The E-800 offers stepless adjustment of speed. 

    • Generates limited level of noise and is far below the Danish working environment authority’s recommendations for use of hearing protection, (80 dB(A)), and can therefore be operated without the use of ear protection.   

Tekniske specifikationer

Model nr.: E-800

Hastighed: 0 - 6 km/t.
Lad: Elektronisk styret hydraulik
Type olie: Hydraulikolie 832 WRHV

Batteri: 2 x 12 V / 150 Ah 
Opladningstid: 6 timer

Indhold i liter: 400 liter 
Indhold i kilo: 800 kg

Vægt: 390 kg

Højde: 985 mm
Længde: 2028 mm
Bredde: 920 mm
Løftehøjde: 2395 mm
Tippunkt: 720 mm

Trækhjul: 18 x 7
Drejehjul: 140-6

Terræn underlag: 600 kg
Fast underlag: 800 kg

Dashboard: LED display
Sikkerhedsanordning - Belly Button + Auto-sluk