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  Twinca Dumper ES-500

    • Twinca ES-500 is a slim, electrical driven mini dumper with a cargo/load capacity of 500 kg.

    • With its measurements of 797 mm in width and 1790 mm in length, the E-500 is easy to transport and maneuver even in the tightest of spaces. 

    • The high lift function enhances the efficiency of your work and is especially characterized by its ability to unload in piles or over high edges such as e.g. a container.  

    • WWith a height of 976 mm, the ES-500 has a very comfortable loading-height. 

    • A fully charged battery can run the machine throughout a full working day and can be recharged within 4-5 hours. 

    • The machines’ auto-steering mechanism reduces the need for physical manpower to a minimum level, even when the minidumper is heavily loaded.  

    • The steering mechanism can be moved and adjusted in accordance with the height of the operator. This helps secure that the operator has the optimal ergonomic working position and reduces the physical workload.  

    • The ES-500 offers stepless adjustment of speed.   

    • Generates limited level of noise and is far below the Danish working environment authority’s recommendations for use of hearing protection, (80 dB(A)), and can therefore be operated without the use of ear protection.  

  ES-500  Data   
  Width 797 mm   
  Length 1790 mm  
  Height 976 mm  
  Steering height 1170 mm  
  Height load platform top 2708 mm  
  Height load platform bottom scissors up 1304 mm  
  Machine weight 417 kg  
  Battery 2 x 12 V /112 Ah  
 Capacity content volume 250 L  
 Capacity content weight 500 kg  
  Hydraulic oil  Viskositet 32