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  Twinca Dumper GS-800

  • Twinca GS-800:  
  • The GS-800 is a further developed version of the G-800, which is equipped high lift.  
  • The GS-800 is a gasoline driven minidumper with a loading capacity of up to 800 kg.  
  • The GS-800 is equipped with hydraulic high lift. With its unloading-height up to 1250 mm, the GS-800 guarantees a safe, easy and problem-free unloading process.  
  • The high lift function effectivises your work and is especially characterized by its ability to unload in piles or over high edges such as e.g. a container.  
  • With a height of 1130 mm, the ES-500 slim has a very comfortable loading-height.  
  • The auto-steering mechanism makes the G-800 easy to maneuver in difficult terrain, and even when carrying a heavy load, the physical manpower required is kept at a minimum.  
  • As a part of Twinca’s standard equipment, all of Twinca’s minidumpers have a complete stepless adjustment of speed. In addition, the safety device is pre-mounted to the steering mechanism, which reverses the direction of motion, when activated. In this way, the driver is never in danger of being squeezed between e.g. a wall and the machine.  

Tekniske specifikationer

Model nr.: GS-800

Motor: Kohler
Model: Command 270
Effekt: 7,0 hp
Fremdrift: Variabel pumpe
Støj niveau: 97 dB
Hastighed: 0 - 6 km/h
Lad: Hydraulisk med sakselift-funktion

Indhold i liter: 385 liter 
Indhold i kilo: op til 800 kg

Vægt: 413 kg

Højde: 1130 mm
Længde: 2340 mm
Bredde: 860 mm
Løftehøjde: 1730/3040 mm
Tippunk: 650/1250 mm

Trækhjul 20 x 10-10, 4 ply
Drejehjul 2 x 140-6, 6 ply

Terræn underlag: 600 kg
Fast underlag: 800 kg

Dashboard: LED display
Sikkerhedsanordning: Maskinen vil køre langsomt fremad, hvis føreren bliver klemt



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