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  Twinca Dumper GS-800

  • Twinca GS-800:  
  • The GS-800 is a further developed version of the G-800, which is equipped high lift.  
  • The GS-800 is a gasoline driven minidumper with a loading capacity of up to 800 kg.  
  • The GS-800 is equipped with hydraulic high lift. With its unloading-height up to 1242 mm, the GS-800 guarantees a safe, easy and problem-free unloading process.  
  • The high lift function enhance the efficiency of your work and is characterized by its ability to unload in piles or over high edges such as e.g. a container.  
  • With a height of 1035 mm, the GS-800 has a very comfortable loading-height.  
  • The auto-steering mechanism makes the GS-800 easy to maneuver in difficult terrain, and even when carrying a heavy load, the physical manpower required is kept at a minimum.  
  • As a part of Twinca’s standard equipment, all of Twinca’s minidumpers have a complete stepless adjustment of speed. In addition, the safety device is pre-mounted to the steering mechanism, which reverses the direction of motion, when activated. In this way, the driver is never in danger of being squeezed between e.g. a wall and the machine.  

  GS-800  Data   
  Width 781 mm   
  Length 2270 mm  
  Height 1035 mm  
  Steering height 1118 mm  
  Height load platform top 3025 mm  
  Height load platform bottom scissors up 1242 mm  
  Fuel   Gasoline 
  Fuel tank capacity 3,8 L  
  Horsepower 7 hk (5,2 kW)/7 hp (5,2 kW)  
  Capacity content volume 400 L  
  Capacity content weight 800 kg  
  Machine weight 420 kg